Catwoman, fantasy figure by Yamato

Catwoman Yamato USA “Racing across the darkened rooftops of Gotham, where the city lights can’t reach and pursued by the screeching police sirens of Gotham police department, Selina Kyle, also known as CATWOMAN, pauses to catch her breath and check on her evening’s prize liberated from a luxurious jewelry store.”

Sculpted resin statue (by Shin Tanabe) of DC Comics’ popular character Catwoman. In this article we will have a look at the process of her creation by the hand of Luis Royo and delivered to you by Yamato USA.

These were the first images made to reflect the initial idea of the character. During this process the pose and the outfit was created having in mind that the aspect is something esential for Catwoman as she is one of the sexiest characters in Gotham therefore presented in two possible outfits. The sculptor and the house opt for more discreet look. A backplane of the character is performed so the work on the sculpture can begin.

Catwoman outfit draft 1Catwoman outfit draft 2Catwoman refinedCatwoman refined back


Finally after receiving the images of the sculpture some annotations are made. And the parts that could change, as the mask, are considered.

Catwoman maskCatwoman final touch


After the corrections both parties make the final piece to surprise us with this amazing figure of Catwoman.

Catwoman sculptureCatwoman illustration