The Ice Dragon


Again, the Dragons reached the tips of the pencils after many years of absence. Then came the tingling challenge. The words were of a tireless traveler dreamed of trails, George R. R. Martin, to submerge by his side into the world of the past that had so often petted, was a sweet challenge.

And the pencils played like years before dreaming of flight on Dragons back. They played with a girl who was not afraid. They played with snow and fire. They made me walk beside the dreamy winter.

A few months there where the clouds are, in the winter, on the ice. Over the rooftops with its smoking chimneys of the everyday.

-Luis Royo


The Ice Dragon is a tale of courage and sacrifice set in the world of the New York Times best-selling series A Song of Ice and Fire. With stunning illustrations from acclaimed artist Luis Royo, this new edition is sure to become a collector’s item for fans of the book series and HBO’s Game of Thrones alike! Jon Snow in particular recalls it being a bedtime story that Old Nan would tell the Stark children. Perhaps it went a little like this:

Adara liked the winter best of all, for when the world grew cold the ice dragon came. The ice dragon was a creature of legend and fear, for no man had ever tamed one. When it flew overhead, it left in its wake desolate cold and frozen land. But Adara was not afraid. For Adara was a winter child, born during the worst freeze that anyone, even the Old Ones, could remember.

Adara could not remember the first time she had seen the ice dragon. It seemed that it had always been in her life, glimpsed from afar as she played in the frigid snow long after the other children had fled the cold. In her fourth year she touched it, and in her fifth year she rode upon its broad, chilled back for the first time. Then, in her seventh year, on a calm summer day, fiery dragons from the North swooped down upon the peaceful farm that was Adara’s home. And only a winter child—and the ice dragon who loved her—could save her world from utter destruction.

We’re pleased to present some images of Luis Royo’s work for a new edition of George R.R. Martin’s tale The Ice Dragon, coming this October from Tor Books! This are some black and white sketches, and also final works in color that will appear in the book.