Luis Royo and Romulo Royo at Curtas

#LuisRoyo and #RomuloRoyo show their art at #LaberintoGris. An exhibition that you can visit in the Rivas Briones room. And remember # Curtas45. From the 23rd to the 29th of October. Free entry to full capacity. Check the schedule at


The Return of New York Comic Con 2017

Luis Royo back from New York Comic-Con 2017

Once The Comic-Con New York 2017 has ended with the exhibition of our two artists Luis Royo and Romulo Royo. It has been a really busy days but we were able to meet many of you.


New York Comic Con 2017

Luis Royo back from Lucca Comics & Games 2016

From Laberinto Gris we inform you that we will attend the “New York Comic-Con 2017” fair, booth number 441, with Original Works, limited editions and graphic work, Unpublished so far and exclusive to the fair…



Luis Royo back from Lucca Comics & Games 2016

Big thanks to Emanuele Vietina, Silvia Ceccarelli, Antonio Rama, Ana Smaniotto, Lorena Arnao, Andrea Parrella, and the entire organization of Lucca Comics & Games 2016. Also to the editor Simone Romani and his team from Rizzoli Lizard, and also to the editor Massimo Cuter and Renato from Manicomix.



Lucca Comics & Games 2016

From October 28 to November 1 the Lucca Comics & Games Fair 2016 will be held in Italy. This dates of the fair match with the presentation of the book Malefic Time Akelarre, the event will be attended by the authors Luis Royo and Romulo Royo.



La Mole 20th Anniversary

From 23 to 25 of September, La Mole Comic-Con 2016 will take place, you will be able to meet with Luis Royo in Mexico. La Mole is the most important convention of comics and pop culture in Mexico. This convention also marks the 20th anniversary of La Mole.



Akelarre is Coming

Malefic Time AKELARRE, the end of the Malefic trilogy, is already at the stage of translations and design. Until the book gets published and reaches bookstores, we will sneak in it to leave some flavor of the final outcome of the adventure of Luz.


Galerie Champaka, exhibition Wild Art

Gallery Champaka, Wild Art exhibition

A tour of different themes and epochs including illustrations and large format paintings.

Pieces published in books with international print runs such as Visions and Dreams with their female heroes of fantasy, Prohibited series full of seductive pieces, oriental love story from Dead Moon or apocalyptic universe Malefic Time is what Champaka Gallery offers us with the Wild Art exhibition.


Laberinto Gris novelties for the next season in September

Laberinto Gris new page

Laberinto Gris renews its appearance and announces future releases in September


The Inkpot Award at Comic Arts

Inkpot Award

Comic-Con San Diego 2015 has finished.

A great event. And international center of excellence of comics and illustration, as it has been year after year in the previous visits. Furthermore, noting how it grows, the public attendances and their importance at every visit.

Thanks to the organization for their attention. A big thank you also, tinged with affection, to the public and fans for their welcome.