Malefic Time: Akelarre

Last installment of the Malefic Time trilogy.
Thirteen half-naked women sing a chant in an ancient language, in memory of thirteen witches sacrificed in the past. A large figure appears behind them, accompanied by chords of diadem flute, and with the face hidden by a mask of “great ram.”
In the main cities of Europe, the people leave their homes to take refuge in the historical hulls, which give a sensation of returning to the Middle Ages.

Malefic Time: Akelarre - Luis Royo & Romulo Royo - Book CoverMalefic Time Akelarre by Luis Royo & Romulo Royo illustration Luz in IrkallaMalefic Time Akelarre by Luis Royo & Romulo Royo illustration Luz - La Pesadilla 2Malefic Time Akelarre-LuisRoyo&RomuloRoyo-LuzTheChallenge

Malefic Time: 110 Katanas

Malefic Time: 110 Katanas is the second installment of the universe Malefic Time.
The silence has installed as a crushing slab on the streets of Tokyo, but the buildings are still standing. A hooded figure walks down the middle of one of those narrow streets of faded neons. The old districts have become hermetic. Each has its own rules. Creatures of legend and fantasy inhabit the sinister and dangerous streets.


Malefic Time: Apocalypse

Malefic Time: Apocalypse is the first installment of the joint project of Luis Royo and Romulo.
Set in 2038 it illustrates the transformation of the world as we know it to a real nightmare. Ironically, New York remains the emblem of the world, a metropolis decimated of its inhabitants, decrepit and ruined. At the heart of this fatal scenario: Luz, her sword Malefic and many questions are engaged in a final battle with the new settlers, that are impossible to define that infect the city.


The Ice Dragon

Everyone in the village agree: Adara is a weird girl, a girl of winter. She was born during the worst in living memory frost and the cold remained forever with her. It is easy to see her walking alone through the ice fields imagining and build sandcastles of ice …
George R. R. Martin, known worldwide for its fantastic literature series Game of Thrones, joins his talent with Luis Royo and offers a moving story for all ages showing how a friendship can break all barriers.

Prohibited Book

A new edition that recover authors classics and compiles this time the three volumes Royo dedicated to the art of eroticism: the Prohibited series, along with sketches published in Prohibited Sketchbook. The book contains over a hundred illustrations remastered, plus others unpublished.

Dead Moon Epilogue

Dead Moon joins, like a flame that consumes quickly, the fire between Luna and Marte, and its inevitable end. His epilogue, through fantastic illustrations, develops into the bloody and remote history of Louyang, its people, tyrant governors at enmity, hatred and love that arises between the protagonists of this legend the relationship.

Dead Moon

A fantastic tale of great love and brutal clash between two characters, one female Luna and one male and Marte. Two rival families with individual strongholds at each end of the city, which suffers from that passion. A violent and romantic story that leads to the Apocalypse, a story with oriental flavor in a gothic and tragic world, a nod to the demise of Sodom.



When Malefic stormed back in the nineties in the world of illustration, pictures and author Luis Royo, became icons and symbols of an era. Today, many of them are part of the collective imagination as the hallmarks of a generation.


This book is a visual report with photographies and illustrations of the last great challenge that the author has done: paint a fresco on a dome of 80 m in a luxurious castle in Moscow. An odyssey of more than 3 months to get a huge dome to shape all female sensuality, voluptuousness, elegance and desire features the creations of Luis Royo. Aided by his son the painter Romulo Royo, faces a daunting task and unprecedented among contemporary fiction illustrators.

Dark Labyrinth

Finally, with a big load of shadows that had landed inside, he said goodbye to his teacher. Seted up his own studio and began to paint fantastic and bright scenes. But gradually he entered into its own labyrinth and the deeper he went more darkness appeared in his paintings.He wanted to turn back and leave their infinite underground corridors, as Theseus did, but on this trip there is no wire attached to the ankle that leads to the exit. He eventually succumbed to darkness, coming dangerously close to the black that had no remedy. This incisive black that keep undressing us.

Subversive Beauty

This book is dedicated to all girls of drawn skin, Subversive Beauty who has visited my dreams, chimera that transported me to places and myths of delirium, darkness than infiltrate my nights, rather I search it relentlessly.

The Labyrinth Tarot

The Tarot is an ancient wisdom stored in seventy-eight cards divided into twenty-two Major Arcana and fifty-six Minor Arcana. This book includes all the illustrations with explanatory texts written by Luis Royo himself about the hidden meaning of each card and its power over the fate of people.


Fantastic Art

Collection Book of Luis Royo art which includes the selected works from its beginnings to 2004. An authentic encyclopedia made of images.

Wild Sketches 1

Crazy pencils and colors, falling from the drawing board. All these pictures have in common that they are made wildly, letting arise unconsciously line by line, the pencil will create forms and anatomy.

Wild Sketches 2

This second part is still a WILD SKETCHES collection, the grouping of drawings in a quick manner, letting the blank page on the worktable ask for strokes, almost unconscious, forming a new figure.

Wild Sketches 3

This is the third and final WILD SKETCHES collection, along with the other two booklets, here are six hundred wild drawings. Some of them deserve rework and modification of proportions, but they are designed in a process of going from one to another without ever leaving the colors to dry, and therein lies its uniqueness and personality.

Conceptions I

Conceptions is a travelogue through first creations where newborn thoughts crystallize into fresh, agile, eager to become illustration images. An itinerary of exception through drawings, sketches and pencils.

Conceptions II

Almost all of these types of jobs are accompanied by chaos, both sheets and ideas, and this has also happened in the second part of “Conceptions”. So the results are unexpected and as a result have drawings with different finishing times, from custom to those that are merely personal amusements that come to light almost by accident. Conceptions II is, in short, a indiscreet peek into the kitchen, before embarking on the path of realization and finishing work.

Conceptions III

Conceptions This third book is entirely dedicated to the female figure. It is a search for beauty ideal, an unattainable beauty that has been pursued in all ages.

Prohibited 1

Leave aside creativity, plastic, colorful and so on.
These first words serve to guide the shape and attitude to take to peruse this book, and only intended to be a sort of manual for your position. If by chance your concerns go beyond, you can come back to contemplate it a second time with more intellectual intentions, which will be a compliment.


Prohibited 2

We may collect the introduction or manual first Prohibited and apply it to this second book, with the difference that these new acts are devoted to an ambiguous darkly sexuality that lives only in the mind and it costs you travel beyond the waist.


Prohibited 3

In these pages are the last acts of the play Prohibited and final curtain call. This will not go further, because the intention is to savor eroticism or sex from different prisms. These new acts want to ride on the detail rather than on the entire scene, and sometimes go to a peculiarity of the wrapper rather than the main reason.


Prohibited Sketchbook

Luis Royo few years ago set out to address one of his most challenging and provocative projects: a trilogy of books that featured his unique vision of sex and eroticism: PROHIBITED BOOK. The author wanted to reward his readers with a fourth book: PROHIBITED SKETCHBOOK. In its 48 pages includes sketches, both black and white or color, which gave rise to the illustrations of the trilogy.


In VISIONS other works done previously are mixed up with the ones created especially for this book, fantastic, dreamlike, mystical and sensual worlds.


This book is dedicated to wild clockwise I have above board, switches marching backward or forward and stop at impossible times. It is also dedicated to images eager to embrace all the media that there is on the way.


It is a journey through commissioned works that have been made in the past 10 years and had never been published in a book. Science fiction, fantasy, western … DREAMS shows great versatility, these works have appeared in publications around the world. The hardcover edition contains a unique laminae with an unpublished illustration.

III Millenium

III MILLENNIUM is a mesmerizing apocalyptic vision of the third millennium in which we find ourselves. Get ready to discover a future scenario through artwork darker Royo. Images that will not leave anyone indifferent.


In fantasy worlds we can find us with power and muscle, guile and sorcery. But in these illustrations the details are what make us immerse ourselves in them. A male or female figure in a fantasy enviorment, their bodies carved to perfection invite us to participate in the action.


The first compilation album appeared Luis Royo. A journey through different genres that surprised the lovers of illustration and which is seen as preferential treatment that the author gives the female figure.