This site uses cookies to make the navigation more functional and useful for the users. Thereby we have the following informational text about what cookies are, what types of cookies we use on this website and how they can be configured or disabled by users to ensure that you dispose of the necessary information.


What are cookies?

Today, Web pages, regardless of the service they provide, use cookies, this means keeping a minimum of information relating to the use of the website by the user. Small text files or devices that are downloaded on the terminal equipment of the user when browsing the sites are called cookies. The entity responsible for its installation uses these stored data to keep it updated and retrieved.


What type of cookies does this website use?

Strictly necessary or technical cookies – those are that are considered essential for navigating the Web site. These cookies make using the tools or features of the Web page easier to the user. For examle the cookie that remembers the language you prefer to see the page with. Disabling cookies these features above will also be disabled.

Behavior cookies – those are aimed to collect information on the uses that makes the user of his/her browser: most visited pages, error messages, etc. The target of the responsible is the improvement in the Web page based on the information collected by these cookies. Its use is only for the proper functioning of the website and not the collecting of information that can identify you personally. This information is completely anonymous.

Third Party Cookies – allow us to manage and improve the content offered. Such as statistical services of Google Analytics.


How to avoid the installation of cookies?

Almost all computers automate the acceptance of cookies. However, the user can decide whether to keep cookies enabled on their computer or not. If cookies are disabled you may not operate the Web site optimally being disabled some features or services provided by it. However, even when all the browser cookies disabled the browser still collects certain essential information in order to offer the basic functionality of the website.

Users wishing to disable cookies can do so from the preferences of his/her browser. Depending on the browser used they must follow certain steps to modify the cookie settings of your computer. Here we show the links to the instructions for each Web browser:

Some browsers offer the possibility to configure specific rules to manage cookies for each Web site. This provides more precise control over privacy. It allows us to disable cookies for all sites except those in which trust.